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Last Updated: 10-06-2019 @ 04:35 PT

Thank you for purchasing tickets to the 2019 California Capital Airshow featuring the United States Navy Blue Angels!

We will be updating this page with Customer ONLY details throughout airshow weekend.

If You Have ANY Ticket Purchase Issues or Did NOT Receive Your Purchase Confirmation …

If you have any issues with your ticket purchase, please contact our ticket service provider EventSprout using their online support form: EventSprout Ticket Support.

>>> If you don’t receive your ticket confirmation email … this EventSprout Ticket Resend link includes an online ticket retrieval tool. <<<

Bring Your Printed Your Ticket or Mobile Device

Make sure you have your printed ticket(s) or mobile device, with screen on bright to scan. Every year a small handful of people forget their tickets or parking pass. Printed tickets are preferred . . . a mobile device can be used as backup.

Photo ID for Adults

We recommend photo IDs for the adults that would like to enjoy beverages. Servers are required to check everyone’s ID for adult beverages.

Please Review the Directions / Parking & FAQ Pages!

Please review the Directions and FAQ pages, prior to leaving for the air show. Here are the links:

Event Directions / Parking

Frequently Asked Questions

10-05-2019 SUNDAY Insider ONLY Flying Schedule – V0.97

The schedule below WILL BE been UPDATED based on the Sunday AM pilot briefing…

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice!

  • 11:30 – Pre-Show U2 & T38 Departures
  • 12:00 – Opening Ceremonies (Jet Truck Teaser)
  • 12:20 – U2 & T-38 Demo
  • 12:35 – Vicky Benzing (Stearman Barnstorming)
  • 12:50 – CNG Search and Rescue Demo (Helos, PJs, and F-15!)
  • 13:25 – Heavies on Parade (C-17, C-5, and KC10 Flybys)
  • 13:35 – USAF Viper (F-16 Demo) and Heritage Flight
  • 14:00 – Panzer & Tucker Demo!
  • 14:25 – Salute to World War II (Vintage Aircraft)
  • 14:45 Blue Angels (Cats) Tribute – Hellcat & Bearcat
  • 15:00 US Navy Blue Angels!

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice!

Don’t Forget to Buy a Parking Pass!

If your ticket doesn’t include a parking pass, we strongly recommend purchasing a parking pass. Just use the link below:


Please note:
Aircraft and performers are subject to change without notice, due to operational considerations. If anything changes, we will do our best to let you know. Thank you!

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The security of your personal online information is paramount to us! We attempt to go above and beyond to protect your online identity when using this web site or purchasing tickets to the Airshow. Any user information collected will be used for the purposes of giving you airshow updates, marketing the airshow, and selling tickets to the California Capital Airshow. Your information will NEVER be sold or rented to any third parties. For additional privacy information details, please review our privacy policy.

*Depending on ticket type, service fees may apply.