Shockwave Jet Truck is BACK – Military-grade edition!!

Do you feel the need for speed? This October you will get the WORLD’S FASTEST jet truck going 376 MPH and packing 36,000 horsepower when it returns to the California Capital Airshow. For over 30 years now, nobody has been able to compete with the pure speed and power of this truck. And for the first time ever at Mather, you will be able to see it’s new look!

Darnell Racing introduces the new 2020 Salute to the Military – Top Gun Edition design. The new design features the new Top Gun fighter jet graphics, a P-40 shark on the hood, A-10 Warthog Gatling Guns on both front fenders and a 50 cal. machine gun. The parachute tubes even look like hell-fire missiles! This new look may be considered over the top but, make no mistake, it’s still Shockwave – Just meaner and more awesome then ever!

As one of the most popular air show and drag racing exhibition vehicles in the world, the Shockwave performance is not something you will soon forget! This is truly an assault of all of your senses, with huge flames coming out of the three after burning jet engines, fire shooting out of the smoke stacks, intense heat, deafening noise, and SPEED!


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