“Blue Angels have landed at Mather Airport!”

Updated: 1-23-2019 at 11:02 PT

The United States Navy BLUE ANGELS are scheduled to visit Sacramento’s Mather Airport on Tuesday, January 22nd. Events Coordinator, Lieutenant Commander Adam Kerrick (Blue Angel #8) and Narrator, Lieutenant Cary Rickoff (Blue Angel #7) have arrived at Sacramento County’s Mather Airport. This special visit is to meet with your California Capital Airshow team and get ready for October’s 5 & 6 jaw-dropping Blue Angels demonstration!

Please note: The Blue Angels visit is for a planning meeting with the CCA team and local media. There will be no PUBLIC demonstration or meet and greet opportunities (for the public) on January 22nd. We’re hoping to bring you visit highlights via this page.


Blue Angels FUN Facts!

Sometimes it can be the story behind the story that can be fascinating … check out these FUN Blue Angels Facts:

How did the Blue Angels get their start?
“After World War II, the United States focused on hurrying back to business as usual. Rebuilding the economy and transitioning into peace time were the priorities, and attention shifted away from boosting the military. However, some Naval Aviators wanted to share their newfound skills in the skies with with people back home, so fleet Admiral Chester Y. Nimitz created a flight exhibition team to represent the Navy at air shows with a home base in Jacksonville, FL.”

Where did the Blue Angels name come from?
“In 1946, the Jax News (the local paper in Jacksonville, Florida) did some old-school crowdsourcing and ran a contest asking the community to help name this new air show team. Some of the submissions included: Com-bats; Death-Cheaters; Sky-Jackers; The Flying Buccaneers; The Sea Eagles; The Skyscrapers; Navy Cats: and, Strat-O-Cats (among others). None of the names seemed right, and the contest never produced a name that the team liked.”

BUT Wait – There’s MORE …

“The name was picked by the original team when they were planning a show in New York in 1946. One of them saw the name of the city’s Blue Angel nightclub in the New Yorker Magazine.”

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