California Capital Airshow | MATHER AIRPORT, SACRAMENTO

July 13 & 14, 2024

Frecce Tricolori

CA National Guard, CSAR, and more …

California Air National Guard:
Defending our homes, our country & our freedom!

The California Air National Guard will demonstrate the C-130J’s Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS), show off the maneuverability and power of the Air Superiority tactical fighter, the F-15C Eagle, and showcase the HC-130J Combat King II, HH-60G Pave Hawk Helicopter and elite Pararescue Jumpers (PJ’s) in a long-range Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) simulation that mirror’s missions that have taken place in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Cali_C130 Herc

The 146th Airlift Wing, stationed at Channel Islands Air National Guard Station in Oxnard, CA, is one of four C-130 Air National Guard units whose contribution to the United States’ aerial firefighting capability includes equipment and techniques for effective suppression of large wildland fires from the air as well as humanitarian relief after natural disasters on the ground. Since 1974, using the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) units supplied by the US Forest Service and mounted in four C-130s, the wing’s aerial firefighting crews have been credited with saving many lives and countless millions of dollars’ worth of structures, forests, and brush land in California and other states and countries. This massive aircraft will demonstrate its MAFFS system along the dry infield, that’s right, more 3,000 pounds of water will be dropped from the sky — you won’t want to miss it!



Stationed at Fresno Air National Guard Base, the 144th Fighter Wing’s primary mission is to provide air defense protection for California and the United States from the Mexican border to Oregon utilizing the F-15 Eagle jet fighter aircraft. The 144th also supports the nation’s Counter Drug Program and responds to state emergencies when requested by the Governor of California.

The F-15 Eagle is an all-weather, extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to permit the Air Force to gain and maintain air supremacy over the battlefield since 1979. The Screaming Eagle will give us a taste of its maneuverability as it tears up the skies and shows why it’s one of the most successful fighters of all-time!



Cali Pave_Hawk

The 129th Rescue Wing, stationed at Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, CA, is prepared for combat and civilian search and rescue missions anywhere in the world. Watch as these three impressive assets show-off their life-saving skills!

The HC-130J Combat King II extends the range of combat search and rescue helicopters by providing air refueling in hostile or contested airspace. Other mission capabilities include performing tactical delivery of pararescue teams, small bundles, zodiac watercraft or four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles; and providing direct assistance to survivors in advance of a recovery vehicle. You will see it deliver a pararescue team to the flight line! 

More than 4,500 citizen airmen fill the ranks of California Air National Guard’s five wings which are strategically positioned across California to support the state and nation in times of need. Their highly specialized servicemen and women leverage a variety of aviation platforms and combat tested expertise to perform a full spectrum of missions. Whether they are dropping water on wildfires here in California, providing homeland air defense for all of the Western U.S. or offering direct support to combat commanders overseas, they are always engaged to protect the state and nation. Help us honor these real-life Superheroes this September 30 – October 2!

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