California Capital Evening Airshow | MATHER AIRPORT, SACRAMENTO

July 13 & 14, 2024

Italy's Frecce Tricolori & USAF Thunderbirds

Dangerous, Normally Illegal, Extreme S.T.E.M.

Having flown fixed-wing aircraft aerobatically and a couple hundred hours of sUAS (drone) flying, I can appreciate both sides of the “flying” equation.

Dangerous and Impractical

Yes, there are times when drones get a bad rap … and occasionally it’s well deserved. That said, one would likely not attempt such dangerous flying in any fixed-wing aircraft or rotorcraft.

Cast to the BIG Screen with BIG Sound

If you can cast the videos below to the big screen and having a great sound system, the sound design is phenomenal! If not, no worries, go full-screen viewing with headphones on your device. It’s great!

Normally Illegal

How does “normally illegal” come into play? Because, normally you are not allowed “operations over people” or over “moving vehicles” with a drone. (§ 107.105, § 107.145)  Never mind the fact that most drones are unguarded flying food processors (minus the Cinewhoops)

Extreme S.T.E.M!

Here’s what you get when you combine art, science, talent, and hard work … aka S.T.E.M. (plus, the proper permits, safety precautions, and authorizations/waivers).

Last but not least, Bowling Balls!

Check out the video below for a unique perspective “through” a bowling alley (Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater).




Video Sources / Credit:

  • GoPro – YouTube Channel
  • Johnny FPV – YouTube Channel
  • jaybyrdfilms – YouTube Channel

Please note: Aircraft and performers are subject to change without notice, due to operational considerations. If anything changes, we will do our best to let you know. Thank you! Additionally, any information above should be considered for information and entertainment purposes only.