California Capital Airshow | MATHER AIRPORT, SACRAMENTO

OCTOBER 1-2, 2022

F-35 USAF Heritage Flight (FB)

The U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight – Like We’ve Never Seen Before!


CCA is excited to welcome back the iconic Air Force Heritage Flight! For the first time ever at Mather Airport, watch the P-51 Mustang fly side by side with the U.S. Air Force’s most advanced and sophisticated multi-role fighter, the F-35A Lightning II!


F-35A Lightning II

F-35_1-2The F-35A, aka the “Panther”, is the U.S. Air Force’s latest fifth-generation fighter. It will eventually replace the F-16 Fighting Falcons and A-10 Thunderbolt II’s, which have been the primary fighter aircraft for more than 20 years. It brings with it an enhanced capability to survive in the advanced threat environment in which it was designed to operate. With its aerodynamic performance and advanced integrated avionics, the F-35A provides next-generation stealth, enhanced situational awareness, and reduced vulnerability for the United States and allied nations. Watch as panther tamer, Capt. Andrew “Dojo” Olson, tears up the skies this September 22 & 23!


P-51 Mustang

The most iconic fighter, the P-51 Mustang, dominated the skies over Western Europe after it was introduced in World War II. The single-seat aircraft had a maximum speed of 437 miles per hour and could escort heavy bombers deep into the heart of Germany. Legendary Heritage Flight pilot Steve Hinton, a fixture in the world of aviation — performing at air shows around the world for more than 35 years in 150 different types of aircraft, will take to the skies in the most-famous warbird ever to fly.

F-35_P-51_2-2Together, these aircraft will perform to honor the contributions of every man and woman who served in the USAF while sharing the importance of the Air Force Heritage Flight’s mission to celebrate the past, present and future of military aviation.

The 2018 California Capital Airshow features the USAF Thunderbirds!
USAF Thunderbirds

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