California Capital Evening Airshow | MATHER AIRPORT, SACRAMENTO

July 13 & 14, 2024

Italy's Frecce Tricolori & USAF Thunderbirds

Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Questions

Advance Tickets (for all types of seating) can be purchased online from our website through our partnership with Eventsprout. General Admission tickets may be purchased. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD ONSITE.

What if I can’t find my Eventsprout tickets?

The easiest way to get your tickets is to find your email order confirmation; tickets are usually attached as a PDF file you can print. Can’t find them, having trouble printing, or other questions visit Eventsprout Zendesk here.

What is the difference between general admission tickets and premium seating/chalets?

General Admission tickets simply get you in the gate to the Airshow. You are responsible for your own seating during the show.

Mather Club chalet provides indoor and outdoor seating areas along the front line allowing you a great view of the Airshow, and private restrooms.

The Hangar chalet provides indoor and outdoor seating areas along the front line allowing you a great view of the Airshow, private restrooms, unlimited 4oz tasters from Barrel District vendors, access to purchase food from Sacto MoFo food truck(s) and purchase full-size Barrel District refreshments throughout the day.

Flight Line Club provides many great benefits, including indoor and outdoor seating areas, private upgraded restrooms, catered food and beverages from 4:30pm-7:30pm.

Capital Club is our VIP chalet at Airshow center that includes indoor and outdoor seating areas, catered food from 4:30pm-7:30pm, endless non-alcoholic beverages and an open bar for your enjoyment.

Visit our Tickets page for more details. Become an Airshow Insider & purchase early for best pricing!

Can I use my Sunday premium seating/chalet tickets on Saturday instead?

No. You must use the reserved Mather Club, The Hangar, Flight Line Club and Capital Club tickets for the day for which they are purchased. The premium venue areas have limited seating and tickets are sold for the number of seats available each day. You can transfer tickets to a different day by utilizing Eventsprout’s Zendesk here. General Admission tickets are good for either Saturday or Sunday.

Do active duty military personnel have to pay to attend the airshow?

We support our troops both past and present! Retired and Active Duty Military can purchase tickets at the Beale and Travis ITT offices for a deep discount. Please contact each office for hours of operation and ticket pricing. Discounted military tickets will not be available at the Airshow gate, so plan ahead and purchase your discounted tickets in advance! All proceeds from military member ticket sales go directly to fund Airshow scholarships awarded annually to students pursuing college education in fields of science, technology, engineering mathematics, aviation or aeronautics.

Do I need to buy my children tickets?

Each Adult General Admission ticket includes 6 FREE Youth/Children (ages 15 and under) tickets. Also, children 5 years old and under are free for General Admission tickets only. If more children are attending than what is covered with purchased Adult General Tickets, you will need to purchase Youth/Child’s tickets. For all other ticket options (Mather Club, The Hangar, Flight Line Club, Capital Club) a ticket is required for ages 2 and up. Please check our Tickets page for additional information and current ticket prices.

Are tickets available for purchase at the event?

We have gone contactless! Tickets must be purchased online prior to the event. We have limited capacity this year, so make sure to purchase your tickets early.

Is bleacher seating available?

Our fans have asked for more shade, so we have eliminated Grandstand/Bleacher seating and added a new premium venue, The Hangar.

Are VIP tickets available?

Yes, premium ticket options are available for purchase. Please see our Tickets page for current pricing and availability.

Where can I purchase an airplane ride?

Airplane rides are not available this year.

Are there refunds on ticket purchases?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on airshow tickets. Rest assured, the airshow is a rain-or-shine event. You should know that all performers have high, low and flat shows that can safely accommodate for different types of weather. There are also going to be amazing display aircraft on the ground. Aircraft (especially military) are subject to operational requirements. Aircraft and performers are subject to change without notice. If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

What are the COVID protocols at the Airshow?

Currently, there are no State or Local mandates regarding masks, vaccinations or negative test results at the Airshow. We remain in communication with the Public Health department. The Airshow will comply with all State and Local mandates at the time of the event. If and when mandates change, we will inform all ticket purchasers immediately. The Airshow has implemented limited-capacity this year to provide ample space for all attendees to spread out, including in the upgraded seating options as well as decreased the amount of high-touch areas along the ramp.

Getting to the Airshow

How do I get to the Airshow?

Mather Airport is located just 10 miles from downtown Sacramento and adjacent to Rancho Cordova. For accurate directions depending on your location please use Google Maps. Driving directions can also be found here.

Can I fly into the Airshow?

Unfortunately, with our Airshow starting and ending later — fly-in aircraft are not permitted this year.

Where can I stay for the weekend?

Check out the local hotels through the Rancho Cordova Travel and Tourism website.


How much is parking?

Parking is FREE with the purchase of an admission ticket. It does not include exit and re-entry.

Is there handicapped parking?

Yes. You must have a handicapped plate or tag in the car and make sure the parkers flagging your car are aware of your handicapped status. They will direct you to the handicapped parking areas. Handicapped parking is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please arrive early to insure a parking spot. A map to these areas may be found on the Directions & Parking page.

Is there motorcycle parking?

Yes. There is a small, hard-top surface for motorcycle parking. Parking lot attendants will direct you to the specific area. Motorcycle parking is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please arrive early to insure a parking spot.

Can we watch the show from our car in the parking lot?

No. Even if you have purchased tickets, loitering is not permitted in the parking lots.

Can I go out to my car and re-enter the Airshow?

Yes, keep your ticket stub and get your hand stamped as you exit.

Is there bicycle parking?

Yes, FREE bicycle parking is available at the Airshow. Once you enter the parking lot, the attendants will direct you the designated bicycle parking area.

What public transportation options are there for the airshow?

For Regional Transit rates and bus and train schedules, please visit the Regional Transit website. There is no additional bus or light rail services from Mather Mills Station to Mather Airport. California Capital Airshow tickets are not valid as a form of payment for Regional Transit.

What Can I bring?

Can I bring a scooter / wheelchair / golf cart?

Motorized scooters and wheelchairs for disabled patrons are allowed in the Airshow grounds; personal golf carts are not allowed. There are also people-mover trams running the length of the Airshow grounds that can be ridden. Please be aware that the crowds may be heavy and maneuvering may be difficult, and that there is no place at the show to plug in and “recharge.”

May I bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on?

Seating is not included with General Admission tickets so please feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.

Are coolers and/or backpacks permitted?

Due to security concerns, large coolers (exceeding 9 Quarts and/or 10in. x 12in. x 11in.) and large bags ARE NOT permitted on the show site. Small coolers (smaller than 9 Quarts / 10in. x 12in. x 11in.) ARE permitted. All personal handbags, totes, diaper bags, etc. are subject to search at the entry gates.

Can we bring food in?

Baby food, pre-packaged/sealed snack food and whole fruit are allowed into the Airshow.

Are pets allowed?

For the safety of attendees and the animals, pets are not allowed on show grounds. Certified service animals are permitted, this does not include companion animals.

May I bring a tent, beach umbrella or awning?

Due to security and safety concerns, tents, beach umbrellas, awnings and the like are not permitted on show grounds. Personal, hand-held umbrellas, not to exceed 48 inches in diameter, are permitted.

Can I bring a stroller for wagon for my kids?

Yes, small strollers and wagons are permitted. However, they will be subject to search.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

Yes, cameras and video recorders are allowed.

Are drones allowed?

In the interest of everyone’s safety, the California Capital Airshow is a no drone zone. In accordance with FAA issued Temporary Flight Restrictions, drone operations will be prohibited within 5 miles of Mather Airport.

Are ATMs available?

No, all vendors will accept debit/credit cards for all purchases. We are a cashless event, cards are accepted by all vendors.


What is an airshow?

From supersonic-speed jets to gravity-defying aerobatic acts to wing-walkers, parachutists, and a host of on-the-ground displays and activities, a day at the Airshow is a fantastic and memorable experience, whether you’re an avid aviation fan or just love a great show. Tens of millions of spectators attend air shows every year, and the air show industry represents one of the very largest, — if not the largest — outdoor professional sports in North America. Moderately priced for families and individuals of all ages, this is one show you won’t want to miss. Buy your tickets today!

When is the airshow?

July 13-14, 2024! This is our one and only Airshow in 2024!

What time do the gates open and close?

Airshow parking gates open Saturday & Sunday at 3:30 p.m., traffic will turn to outbound at 7:45 p.m. — please make sure you arrive prior to this time. Flying performances begin at 6:00 p.m. and conclude at 10:00 p.m. each day.

Can I take an airplane ride at the airshow?

Airplane rides are not permitted this year.

What time does the airport close to non-airshow air traffic?

There will be multiple closures Thursday, July 11 – Sunday, July 14 – please check your NOTAMS before departing.

What is the performer schedule?

A list of performers is listed on the Performers page. Unfortunately, the schedule is not solidified until the morning of the Airshow to allow for security, safety, weather and operational concerns.

Is the airshow the same for both days?

Generally, yes, the show is the same. However, there may be some variations depending on special aircraft, which may make only a one-day fly-by appearance.  More information may be found on our Performers page.

Are shaded areas available?

Shaded areas are available in Mather Club, The Hangar, Flight Line Club and Capital Club — specific tickets are required for these areas. For General Admission, limited shade may be found under the wings of static display aircraft but is limited. Guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and portable, hand-held umbrellas for their comfort.

Can I meet the pilots?

Yes! Many of the feature pilots and crew make themselves available before or after their performances to meet their audience. Many of the WWII-era and military crews are at their aircraft during static viewing times and are happy to answer questions and pose with you for photos. There is also an Autograph Tent near show center. Airshow performers will stop in before or after their performances.

Do I need hearing protection (ear plugs)?

The Airshow strongly encourages you to bring and use proper hearing protection such as quality ear plugs, and especially so for children. The noise from the jet engines and pyrotechnic explosions may be painful or harmful for some. This is especially true if you are viewing the show from the front line. For young children who may tend to play with and/or remove the foam type plugs, a suggested alternative is sound muffs (available at most sporting goods stores, and generally available in children’s size). Please make your own choices on this matter and protect your hearing.

Is the show handicap accessible?

The airshow has made every effort to accommodate those with special needs. Some of the accommodations offered include, a handicap parking area and ADA portable restrooms. The event space is mostly concrete and maneuverable with a wheelchair/scooter/walker etc. The event space is EXTREMELY LARGE, so make sure to plan for breaks throughout the day and assistance as needed.

Will the airshow be televised?

The Airshow will not be televised and unauthorized broadcast of the show is prohibited. To see all aspects of the Airshow, you need to attend.

What happens if it rains?

It takes more than a few drops of rain to stop the California Capital Airshow! The Airshow will take place — rain or shine both Saturday and Sunday. Airshow performers have high, low and flat routines to adapt to varying weather conditions. Schedules may be altered or delayed for periods of time if heavy rainfall occurs. All display aircraft, concessions and exhibits will be open regardless of weather.

Are vegetarian or vegan foods available?

The master concessionaire makes every effort to ensure menu items are suitable for all guests.

What food is commonly found at an airshow?

The Airshow will have a large variety of food available for purchase, including local barbecue, local cuisines, fried food specialties, dessert specialties, signature salads, boxed lunches, reception stations, and other concession services, all representative of the spirit and flavor of Sacramento.

Are first aid facilities on-site?

Yes, medical personnel will be on site and a first aid center will be open.

What are recommended items to bring to the airshow?

Portable chairs, strollers, cameras, sealed bottles of water, cash or debit/credit cards for concessions (ATMs are NOT available), sunscreen, earplugs, blankets and handheld umbrellas (less than 48 inches in diameter) are items air show veterans tend to pack.

What items are prohibited from being brought into the airshow?

The following items are prohibited from the Airshow grounds: large coolers(exceeding 9 Quarts and/or 10in. x 12in. x 11in.), loose ice, cans, glass, alcohol, pets, weapons of any kind, tents, awnings, cooking/barbecue equipment. Please note cooking and barbequing equipment are NOT allowed in the parking lots (for example, you are not allowed to barbeque in the parking lot for lunch).

Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the ramp or in the grass parking areas.

Can I use my California Capital Airshow ticket stub as payment for regional transit?

No, California Capital Airshow tickets are not valid as a form of payment for Regional Transit.

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