California Capital Airshow | MATHER AIRPORT, SACRAMENTO

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Cruise, a Barf Bag, and a “BOZO”

If you’d like a smile and a good laugh, be sure to click below!
(If you want to jump ahead, the hilarity starts around the 53 second mark with “fill a bag sick”)

Yes, there are a few embellishments in Tom’s Story

We have no doubt that “Bozo” was being a Bozo about flying. Yet, pulling 9.5g’s in the Tomcat seems a bit “bendy” (No offense to the F-14, because it’s legendary). That said, we hope the video above brought you a good laugh and a smile to your face.

Get ready for next week’s release of Top Gun: Maverick. We’ve heard positive things and our fingers are crossed for a whole bunch of aviation awesomeness!

Info Sources:

  • BBC America / The Graham Norton Show

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