Experience the Rush of the Patriots Jet Team!

Dedicated. Precise. Dynamic. These words come to mind when watching the spectacular aerobatics performed by the Patriots Jet Team. The ultimate extreme sport; performance aerobatic flying is a concentrated blend of technique, mastery, and style which requires the best-of-the-best pilots.

The story of the Patriots Jet Team, the largest civilian-owned aerobatic jet team in the western hemisphere, began with the vision of one person, Randy Howell. Fueled by a passion for aviation since childhood, it became Howell’s mission to create a six-jet precision demonstration team that would entertain, inspire, and educate.

Howell first assembled his dream team in 2002. Based in northern California, the Patriots Jet Team features pilots who were formerly part of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, U.S. Navy Blue Angels, and Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds. They have logged over 105,000 hours of flight time and performed in more than 1,500 air shows. The volunteer pilots all share the same genuine passion to entertain audiences at air shows and other events, while encouraging the nation’s youth toward careers in the aviation and aerospace fields.

The Patriots Jet Team will rock the skies with low-flying, close formation, aerobatics in six Aero L-39 Albatros jets with a concentrated blend of technique, mastery, style and color unlike anything you have seen before. The L-39 aircraft is a low-wing, all-metal, turbofan powered, aircraft designed as a light attack and fighter trainer, including weapon delivery systems. The Patriots Jet Team owns and operates eight of these magnificent aircraft and you can see them soar through the skies this September and meet the team in-person on the ground when they land!

Check them out in action here:

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Please note: Aircraft and performers are subject to change without notice, due to operational considerations. If anything changes, we will do our best to let you know. Thank you!